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Tooth Resorption Dentistry

Affordable Rehabilitation for Resorbed Teeth – Cosmetic Case
Tooth Resorption Causal Factors
The patient wanted to improve the loss of bone and gum tissue around the root areas, which were caused by the accident
After final bridges were completed, a new smile!
The patient wanted to improve the loss of bone and gum tissue around the root areas, which were caused by the accident
Extraction of fractured roots and replacement of previous bridgework was completed.  Pink porcelain was added to the bridge to compensate for the tissue loss.
Causes of Tooth Resorption

Genetics, developmental abnormalities, diet, complications of physical  disease and/or
treatments, medications and trauma are known to start the “resorption” process. Cosmetic
and reconstructive treatments for this condition are varied and determined primarily by certain causal factors, predictions for long term success and the cosmetic and functional goals wanted by the patient.

Trauma Induced Dental Resorption

Our first photo reflects resorption of an anterior tooth that was originally initiated by physical trauma. In addition to the missing tooth, resorption and gum recession can be readily seen on the affected anterior tooth. The patient, a young female, had become very self conscious about her appearance and, more importantly, was concerned with protecting her oral condition long term.

Tooth Resorption – Treatment Plan Choices

During the consultation Comfort Smiles presented a varied choice of treatment options, each with different levels of cosmetic result, dental function, long term predictability for success and affordability concerns.

Prior to coming to our office, the patient had already met with several dentists in the Soutfield – Detroit area who were unable to deliver the results she was seeking.

Our patient elected to use a combination of premium grade porcelain veneers and custom bridgework to create the cosmetic and functional outcome she was seeking that would be the most natural in appearance and feel.

Old bonding and veneer products were removed and replaced with her choice of porcelain laminates that created the smile result she was looking for. Comfort Smiles was careful to assure that the veneer products and her bridgework matched perfectly.

As can be seen from our after treatment photo… the outcome was very successful and exceeded the patient’s expectations!