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Denture Cosmetic Makeover

Correct Worn and Poor Fitting Dentures – Cosmetic Case
Discovered & Resolved Severe Jaw Dysfunction Problem
Before Denture Makeover
Misaligned Dentures
New Pain-Free Dentures
With Old Dentures
With New Dentures
The Comfort Dental Difference…

Our 50+ patient came to our office complaining of poor fitting dentures and partials. Years of wear and tear had finally caught up to her. Daily headaches and earaches were taking a toll on her life. Numerous doctor and hospital visits provided NO resolution to her pain issues. She was desperate for a solution to her issues!

After careful XR analysis we concluded that she suffered with a severe jaw dysfunction problem, including sclerosis and breakdown of her jaw joints. This is commonly seen in many denture patients. Without teeth to support jaw function, eventually the jaw joints “give out” and “wear out.” This is similar to the breakpads on your car. After 30,000 miles, they wear out. Unfortunately, for us “mortals” we cannot replace a worn out part as easily as a mechanic can.

In this case, we recommended implant stabilization in order to maintain healthy jaw bone structure and give us proper jaw support. Unfortunately, due to finances the patient was not able to proceed with expensive surgery. With limitations, we fabricated a new upper denture and lower partial.

What you may not notice in the above photos is the additional stabilization that was incorporated into this case through the use of jaw stabilization procedures. Neuromuscular dentistry approaches were used to provide the proper biting relationships and stabilize the jaw function. Within 2 weeks of finishing the case, the patient’s pain symptoms were completely alleviated and she is currently living without headaches and earaches. In her own words: “Dr. John, thank God I met you…you have given me my life back; I feel so good now and my mouth has never felt better; I love my new teeth and the fact that I can live without headaches is simply incredible!”

Without using neuromuscular and tmj treatment protocols cases such as this are impossible to treat effectively and often we see many patients that receive care that is devoid of these proper techniques. If you are considering dentures and have any head and facial pain issues (headaches, earaches, jaw pain, etc.) consult with us before you proceed with your treatment. A proper Craniomandibular Examination appointment is always required for any patients who suffer with such ailments.